Deep South Demo Submission Policy

• Send music, a picture, and a bio.

• In your bio, please be sure to let us know about how all the band members met, with emphasis on the wide variety of musical influences entering into the band, and how this fuses all together to create a unique sound.

• Please be sure to mention any unknown bands that any of the members have been in.

• If any of the members went to high school together, that would be valuable information to know as well.

• If you have a picture of the band in front of a brick wall, please send it. (A railroad track picture will work equally as well).

• The bio you enclose should be at minimum, 5 pages long.

• Tell us what brand of guitars and amps you use.

• And don't worry; it may take us a little while to get to you, but contrary to what industry insiders would have you believe, most unsolicited demos DO end up in a record deal situation.

• Call us regularly though to check up. Several times a day is preferred.

The real submission policy:

We do accept unsolicited material. Send it on. We‚ll call you if we're interested. Please don't call to ask if we got it. We did get it. And chances are, all the conversations in the world won't help make the music better. Trust us - if we dig it, we'll be all over you. We get tons of stuff and we promise, if we're interested, we'll call you.
The address:
Deep South • Attn: A&R • PO Box 17737 • Raleigh, NC 27619 • USA

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